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Call for Artists… ring, ring: HELLO

Call for Artists.

1239 Congress is seeking artists to display their works at our community arts space during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk. 

The deadline for artists interested in having their works displayed is April 1st. If selected, the artists will have until the 7th to install and the following week to make any last minutes changes in installation.

Please send photographs of work along with a brief artist statement and installation concept. 

Please do not feel discouraged if you are not chosen for this month’s show, as we are trying to build and conceptualize for the upcoming months as well. 

For more information about our community art space check out our NolaVie article


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You May Be Seated: Fabulous & Unusual Chairs Etsy 2012

You May Be Seated: Fabulous & Unusual Chairs Etsy 2012.

LaVade off-Color creations 2012

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It is impossible to give a clear account of the world, but art can teach us to reproduce it—just as the world reproduces itself in the course of its eternal gyrations. The primordial sea indefatigably repeats the same words and casts up the same astonished beings on the same sea-shore.

Albert Camus (1913–1960), French-Algerian philosopher, author. “Absolute Affirmation,” pt. 2, The Rebel (1951, trans. 1953).

It is impossible to give …

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Mascara Run (aka he just up and left)

Mascara Run (aka he just up and left)

12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas, 2012

Click on image to see more…

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Jacques Derrida in 1 Minute

"Certain readers resented me when they could no longer recognize their territory, their institution."

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A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom: THE FOUR AGREEMENTS

Summary of the Four Agreements.

A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

The link above will take you to a webpage that sums up the The Four Agreements as written by don Miguel Ruiz.

These are simple but powerful personal codes of conduct that can rapidly transform your life and experiences.

If you haven’t read this book before then I would suggest it to anyone who is interested in living peacefully and truly free…

If you have read the book before then I would suggest reading it again if it has been awhile…  I just did a re-read after a five year period and found even more insight into expanding/improving my way of life.

The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz (A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom/A Toltec Wisdom Book) is an inspiring book with ongoing lessons we can all learn from.

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Psychedelic Art by Robbie

“Little Pieces of Infinity”, 2011, 148 x 183 cm, Acrylic on canvas

“…art is only a reflection of life as the artist sees it, and I want to celebrate life. It is the attitude we have to ourselves and our environment today, that creates and shapes the future. Energy and time are our two most valuable possessions.

Often maturity comes from conditioning by past experiences and my true goal is to go beyond conditioning, as we are not bundles of programmed reflexes and nerves, constantly being triggered by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes ……… we have choices. The more conciously we make choices in the direction of creating joy and fulfillment for ourselves and those around us, the more life is filled with positive energy…”

[excerpted from the bio/info page of the artist’s website…which I highly recommend you check out hence my reason for posting the link:]

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Psychedelic Art by Robbie…truly beautiful and inspiring


"Meltdown", 2002, 144 x 90cm, Acrylic on canvas.
Blacklight artist, Robbie
Click on image to visit website filled with beautiful photographs of this artist's work and exhibits, as well as bio info that is truly inspirational to any artist or art lover in general.

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