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The House Of Purgatory

The House Of Purgatory

offColor creation 2011 by J.Eastward/LaVade

stolen markers & shit on purchased canvas panel

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Citizens for Optimism


How do you inspire happiness? Some find it easy to do so by stringing together beautiful sentences with words that fall into place and fill gaps in our minds. Others create magic by strumming a few notes on their guitar that can instantly lift your spirit. Then there are those who mix the stunning worlds of writing and design to form the best of both worlds.

In this case – Citizens for Optimism; a col­lab­o­ra­tion of 17 design­ers who created posters inspiring optimism.  There are 17 posters in all, inspired by 17 words.

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It is impossible to give a clear account of the world, but art can teach us to reproduce it—just as the world reproduces itself in the course of its eternal gyrations. The primordial sea indefatigably repeats the same words and casts up the same astonished beings on the same sea-shore.

Albert Camus (1913–1960), French-Algerian philosopher, author. “Absolute Affirmation,” pt. 2, The Rebel (1951, trans. 1953).

It is impossible to give …

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Mascara Run (aka he just up and left)

Mascara Run (aka he just up and left)

12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas, 2012

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