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Citizens for Optimism


How do you inspire happiness? Some find it easy to do so by stringing together beautiful sentences with words that fall into place and fill gaps in our minds. Others create magic by strumming a few notes on their guitar that can instantly lift your spirit. Then there are those who mix the stunning worlds of writing and design to form the best of both worlds.

In this case – Citizens for Optimism; a col­lab­o­ra­tion of 17 design­ers who created posters inspiring optimism.  There are 17 posters in all, inspired by 17 words.

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You May Be Seated: Fabulous & Unusual Chairs Etsy 2012

You May Be Seated: Fabulous & Unusual Chairs Etsy 2012.

LaVade off-Color creations 2012

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Psychedelic Art by Robbie

“Little Pieces of Infinity”, 2011, 148 x 183 cm, Acrylic on canvas

“…art is only a reflection of life as the artist sees it, and I want to celebrate life. It is the attitude we have to ourselves and our environment today, that creates and shapes the future. Energy and time are our two most valuable possessions.

Often maturity comes from conditioning by past experiences and my true goal is to go beyond conditioning, as we are not bundles of programmed reflexes and nerves, constantly being triggered by people and circumstances into predictable outcomes ……… we have choices. The more conciously we make choices in the direction of creating joy and fulfillment for ourselves and those around us, the more life is filled with positive energy…”

[excerpted from the bio/info page of the artist’s website…which I highly recommend you check out hence my reason for posting the link:]


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Psychedelic Art by Robbie…truly beautiful and inspiring


"Meltdown", 2002, 144 x 90cm, Acrylic on canvas.
Blacklight artist, Robbie
Click on image to visit website filled with beautiful photographs of this artist's work and exhibits, as well as bio info that is truly inspirational to any artist or art lover in general.

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Girl Melt, acrylic on canvas, 2012. Let me know what you think…

Girl Melt, acrylic on canvas, 2012.  Let me know what you think...

Girl Melt, acrylic on canvas, 2012

Click on image to view more of my visual experiments, or visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/LaVade.

Thanks for sharing an interest in original creations…
All feedback welcome!! 🙂

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mardi gras 2012

mardi gras 2012

crayon on wood panel, 2012. j. easterly

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jimi in glitter

jimi in glitter

glitter & sharpie on canvas, 2010. j. easterly

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